Allied Petroleum Corp.s’ business is the acquisition and exploitation of oil and gas resources. The company is managed by the founders of Dominion Petroleum Limited, an Africa-focussed petroleum exploration company listed on the London Stock Exchange that was taken-over in 2011.

Allied Petroleum Corp. invests in projects worldwide but its current focus is on Sub-Saharan Africa. The Company's Head Office is in Dubai. African operations are run from an office in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

The Company has identified a portfolio of assets in the emerging petroleum provinces of Sub-Saharan Africa and is currently negotiate their acquisition. Some of these will initially be wholly-owned; in others, Allied Petroleum Corp. is in partnership with other significant oil and exploration and production companies. Allied Petroleum Corp. will operate certain interests and will be a non-operating partner in others.

Our strengths lie in our people, their relationships and institutional support. The directors and senior management of Allied Petroleum Corp. are professionals with a high level of commercial, financial, technical and operational experience. Collectively our directors and senior management have a significant amount of experience in the key sectors of the petroleum industry including asset identification, acquisition and exploitation. Key relationships extend to Sovereign Wealth Funds and large financial institutions in the Middle East, Europe and United States.

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